Complement To The Pension For Early Retirees That The Government Will Pay In 2022

The pension reform that José Luis Escrivá has devised continues to take steps towards its approval after the approval of the Council of Ministers of the project of said reform, which has included in the final draft a supplement for certain pensioners that will be paid in 2022 .

In the text available on the page of the Congress of Deputies , a supplement for the improvement of pensions is recognized in the single additional provision. of a specific group of workers: those who took early retirement involuntarily and voluntarily between 2002 and 2021 with careers of more than 44 years and six months of contributions.

The first type of early retirement is the one that affects workers who, with a maximum of four years before the retirement age and a minimum contribution of 33 years, decide to take early retirement after a dismissal derived from a situation of business restructuring, such as and how the Social Security reports .

The second is traditional early retirement, one that the worker requests voluntarily with a maximum of two years in advance over the retirement age and that must be done with at least 35 years previously paid.

However, not all workers who availed themselves of these modalities during the last 20 years will be able to collect this supplement: the bill contemplates that they are only those who did so with at least 44 years and six months of contributions and, in addition, that the The amount of his pension would have been higher if the new coefficients for 2022 had been applied instead of those in force at the time of early retirement.

The supplement will begin to be paid with effect from March 1, 2022 and will be calculated by subtracting the amount after applying the reducing coefficients of the new reform to the pension from the resulting amount that remains from applying to the pension the coefficients that were at the time current.

According to the bill, the payment of this supplement will be made in 14 payments, since it will be included in the retirement pension and “will have the nature of a retirement pension” for all purposes.

The objective of this novelty is to compensate workers who, after a long-term career, have seen how the new coefficients that are approved with the new law are more beneficial than those they had at the time, making their pension suffer more cuts than that of workers who, with the same years of contributions, are currently taking early retirement.

The new reducing coefficients for early retirement
The redesign of the reduction coefficients for early retirement has been one of the legs of the first part of José Luis Escivá’s pension reform. The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration has proposed the entry of a new table of coefficients that will become monthly (now they are quarterly) and will be applied to the amount of the pension (and not to the regulatory base).

Thus, in the involuntary mode of early retirement, reduction coefficients of between 0.5% and 24% are expected to replace the current range, which goes from 1.5% to 24% but leaves more beneficial reduction coefficients in the middle sections.

For its part, in voluntary early retirement, the new reducing coefficients will range from 2.81% to 13%, while those that are still in force range from 1.625% to 13%, with also beneficial coefficients in the middle sections of the table. .

The spirit of the reform, as José Luis Escrivá has repeated on numerous occasions, is to encourage the permanence of workers in the labor market and align the effective and real retirement age. It is for this reason that, with the pension supplement, it is intended to reward workers who in the last 20 years have lengthened their professional careers.

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