Ranking Of The Most Valuable Companies In The World

For yet another year, the world’s most famous brand consulting multinational, Kantar, has drawn up a ranking of the most valuable , and therefore most powerful, companies on the planet. Led by Amazon (683 million dollars) and with a more than important weight of American technology (Apple, Google and Microsoft second it), only Zara is among the Spanish in this exclusive ranking.

That the last 365 days have had an impact on the brand image of most companies in the world is more than evident, however, it has not been noticed as much in the largest as they have increased their brand value by 42% . A VIP location that continues, one more year, led by technology and retail, thanks to the conquests of Amazon, but where the growing implantation of the Asian market , dominated by China, is also noticeable .

Proof of all this is that TikTok is the company that has risen the most among the top 100 positions, during these last 365 days (it is already 45 in the world after rising from position 79), as well as the alcoholic firm Moutai (from China) already reaches the eleventh position in the world after growing by 103%.

Zara, the only Spanish and third in textile
A classification where only Zara sneaks in as they represent Spanish. With a brand value of $ 21 million , the spearhead of Amancio Ortega’s empire ranks 83rd , falling from 57th in just one year and despite the fact that there has been little change in its valuation.

“Zara’s parent company, Inditex, has sought a competitive advantage through the intelligent management of its extensive global inventory and supply chain. In 2020, Inditex carefully managed its supply chain to reduce excess inventory by 9% , including in an uncertain retail climate. The advantage is that there are few unsold products, which also means less textile waste “, Kantar experts reflect on the Spanish multinational.

Adidas regains second place, while Nike remains unstoppable thanks to its multitude of agreements around the world
It is also representative within the textile world that Zara is the third largest company in the world, only surpassed by the giants Nike and Adidas. While the American company has a brand value of more than 83 million dollars (position 17), the German company once again surpasses the Spanish one but with a very similar value (22 million, position 79).

A sector, textiles, which rises as the eleventh strongest in the world, gathering 180 million in total among the 100 most powerful brands. “These are not good times to invest in this business”, details the Kantar report announcing the difficulties that this industry has gone through in the last year.

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