Guide To Know How To Buy A Good Television This Black Friday

The pandemic made the Spanish population spend more time at home. Perhaps for this reason, last year the purchase of televisions increased by 6.4% compared to 2019. A trend that could continue this year, with new sales campaigns that are yet to come, such as the ‘8 days of gold’ from El Corte Ingl├ęs or Black Friday. In this way, the ANOVO technology after-sales company offers points to take into account to be successful when buying a television:

1. The screen resolution: This is the number of pixels that the monitor can display. This is basic since the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. There are three main types of TV based on resolution (from lowest to highest viewing quality): HD, Full HD, and 4K. If, for example, DTT channels are used almost exclusively, buying a 4K would not be necessary, since almost no channel emits so much resolution.

2. The type of screen: If you choose to buy an LED (the cheapest option) it is necessary to know that it is more suitable for very illuminated areas since it has a lot of brightness. In this same category, but with more advanced technology, are the Nanocell and the QLED, with more vivid and brilliant colors. On the other hand, the most expensive are OLEDs, which have lower brightness but purer blacks, thus achieving higher image quality.

3. Device processor: Essential to have a good quality of movement processing, color management or high fluidity when viewing images.

4. Better a Chromecast: The evident growth of streaming services makes these types of devices vital when it comes to being able to enjoy them on a big screen. Contrary to what it may seem, many SmartTVs go slower by having this tool incorporated. Therefore, using Chromecast, thanks to the HDMI output, will make viewing much faster and you will not waste so much time waiting for the response from the television.

5. Good sound: Currently the great failure of televisions is in sound quality. There are several models that have built-in Dolby Atmos systems that provide quality but, even so, they are still not enough for a perfect experience. Therefore, having an HDMI output in which to connect an additional sound bar will provide better sound and higher quality.

6. HDMI ports: As a result of the previous points, having at least four HDMI ports is basic if, for example, you want to add Chromecast, pendrives or sound bars to the device. Having this feature will make viewing more complete and at the same time more comfortable.

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