New Lidl Kitchen Robot To Try To Beat Thermomix At A Price Of 130 Euros

Since Lidl decided to stand up to Thermomix, with a kitchen robot that had to go through the courts with victory for the multinational appliance company, the German chain has not stopped looking at the culinary sector with suspicion . Different products to gain market share, where now a new kitchen machine that kneads, whips and mixes has joined .

Lidl has returned to the fray in the kitchen robot sector. One of the most fashionable products and that in the middle of the 50th anniversary of Thermomix , the quintessential brand that has popularized them, has more and more competition. For this reason, the supermarket chain seeks to differentiate itself through very low prices , in appliances that offer the best guarantees.

In the case of the latter from Lidl, again under the signature of its white brand Silvercrest , it is cataloged by the company itself as a ” star product “. With 1,300 watts of power it is ideal for desserts given its ability to process very consistent doughs . In addition, it has a rotating arm, a mixing bowl (6.3 liters) as well as another mixing glass (1.5 liters).

All parts of the Lidl food processor are made of stainless steel, so they are easy to wash
All tools that together with the rods for kneading, beating and mixing finish making their main characteristics where cooking or frying is lacking. Of course, all its parts are made of stainless steel, so it can be washed easily, it also includes a splash-proof lid with a filling opening.

A kitchen robot for 130 euros
As far as its price is concerned, its 129.99 euros starting at Lidl leave this kitchen robot at a cost of a real bargain given its characteristics. Of course, only available online , so you have to include 3.99 euros of shipping costs (under Seur service), the German chain gives customers the option to finance the purchase.

Through Aplazame , which gives the possibility to pay for the tool from 2 to 36 months , the base APR is 16.02%, although it can be reviewed according to the conditions of the contract. For all this, Lidl places an easy process so that it is within the reach of any consumer, generating the least possible problems.

A kitchen robot that returns to the shelves of Lidl, straight back to stand up to Thermomix products although with the clear lesson learned from past mistakes that led to legal problems. In gray , it is still available, although given the demand for this type of product in the German chain, it would not be surprising if it was only accessible to the most avid customers.

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