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“I do not think it is a coincidence that today is the birthday of my father, Jesuli, and my son, Alexander; both artists of life and music .

I wish you had coincided in time, so you could understand the luck of being able to enjoy yourselves, dear and admire you “, with this emotional message Alejandro Sanz will celebrate the life of both his father and his second son Alexander .

And although now the singer of ‘Corazón partío’ maintains a very close relationship with his son, it was not always like that. Alexander Sanz Rivera was born in 2002 , the result of Sanz’s extramarital relationship with the Puerto Rican designer Valeria Rivera .

At that time he was still married to his first wife , the Mexican model Jaydy Michel , with whom he already had his other daughter, Manuela , who was barely a year old when Alex was born .

For some years the singer kept his second extramarital paternity a secret, until finally in 2006 he communicated it like this: “Faced with the danger that intimate aspects of my life will be shattered with unfounded speculations, I choose myself to communicate what is actually I have never hidden from my closest environment, and that is that I am the proud father of a boy named Alexander , 3 years old, born outside my well-known relationship “.

And he added that if he had kept this paternity a secret it had been by “express wish of the mother . ”

The years have passed behind the scandal remained. Since then Alejandro Sanz has made an effort to keep his four children always close, and on more than one occasion he has shared images of his entire family together.

“Very close to his brothers, the singer himself explained that he has always tried to spend as much time together as possible.” They see each other a lot. They love each other very much , every time there is an occasion we get together. They adore each other. I thank God for my four children “, revealed Sanz in an interview with Pepa Bueno.

A few years ago, Alejandro Sanz learned that his son wanted to follow in his footsteps one day when he asked his father to come into his studio with some friends to record a song.

“He has a group with some friends. One day he asked me for the studio to record something and I said yes but I was worried about what he might find me. But my surprise was such that from that moment on I let him know that I had the Open doors whenever he wanted. He’s a very talented kid , “Sanz told Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours.’

Alexander, has chosen as a stage name the name of Kyd , plays the trombone, drums , and also composes. What’s more, the young man has already published at least six songs , the last one ‘The way she’. In addition, the young man has created an accessories firm, Bad Trip Creations , together with his friends in Miami, the city where he resides with his mother.

Alejandro Sanz has been not only a great support for his son, but a platform for the launch of his career . “My admiration has the shape of a person. My son Alex: music in the vein and disco in flight, ” he pointed out then with this tender photo in which both embraced on stage.

In addition, the young man appeared with his father on his last concert tour. “A photo cannot encompass all the pride I feel as a father. My son Alexander has accompanied me at the #LaGira concerts with a waste of infinite talent. We share life, we share passions, ” he wrote.

The congratulations on his 18th birthday did not wait. Not only his father shared an emotional message, but also his sister Manuela , and his father’s ex-wife Raquel Perera took the opportunity to send him a loving message: “There are people who make their time the best version of themselves.

Happy birthday, Alex, little one great man . ” And Sanz’s current partner, Rachel Valdés, also added the congratulations: “Congratulations to two great men. And congratulations to you too, love, for always joining them. Today is a great day.

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