Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

This Thursday the national spokesperson of the BNG, Ana Pontón, and the head of Feminist Action, Noa Presas, appeared in a ceremony in which they released the image of the campaign, which will feature “surprises” on social media and dissemination in the coming days, in a context of pandemic with restrictions.

Noa Presas has warned of the “impact” of confinement on “many women victims of sexist violence.” “We want to make visible that sexist violence is still there”, but also, he added, “a feminist alternative that answers each of the attacks of the system.”

For her part, the national spokesperson for the BNG has stated that for the nationalist formation “violence is always important, November 25 is 365 days a year.” He recalled that this violence “attacks half the population” and puts “at stake the right of women to live freely and in freedom.”

“We have the right to be free, to be equal and to be in the world without paying for this freedom,” said Pontón, who has pointed out that it is “more necessary than ever” in times of pandemic “to denounce all the violence that is exercised, to that sexist terrorism against half the population should not be hidden “, because it is also” a lethal virus “.

Pontón explained that the campaign “wants to send a very clear message: sexist violence is still there.” “We cannot lower our guard to fight it,” remarked the nationalist leader, who has claimed the Galician feminist movement, “an example in the struggle to defend” women against “denialist theories.”

In addition to putting in value all the care professionals that women mostly practice, along with other “essential” such as cleaning and supermarkets, he has pointed out, in this sense, that the pandemic made this situation visible and also the “precariousness “many women live.

Pontón also recalled that in the first semester of the year, the number of consultations on the victims’ hotline increased by 35 percent and by 16 percent in the information centers for women, which he asks to reinforce with an economic transfer extraordinary 1.5 million euros to provide them with more services.

The BNG, which will take initiatives to the plenary session of Parliament next week, also wants specific campaigns to be carried out in the educational field aimed at young people to raise awareness about this problem and against “harassment”, and allocate 1 percent of the Xunta budgets to “fight against sexist violence”.

The nationalists also demand that the law be observed and that women be cared for in the field of mental health in primary care and that a possible confinement be taken into account, to “guarantee the essential services” for these women, including the centers of information to women.

Asked about the fact that the complaints were reduced at the beginning of the year, Pontón has emphasized that this fact is “a cause for alarm”, since studies affirm that they are the “tip of the iceberg” of sexist violence and that only between 10 and 20 percent of cases are reported.

“It is necessary to prepare to give an answer”, has affected Pontón in case of a new confinement situation due to the pandemic, regarding what he has remarked that “you cannot make invisible” sexist violence.

The BNG campaign shows women of different ages and conditions with a mask that covers their eyes to exemplify that the pandemic should not cover sexist violence.

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