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The first was a lead projectile from a sling, found on the western slope of the hill. During the excavation, an iron shield scutum was also unearthed , consisting of a curved metal plate with trapezoidal fins and an iron javelin pilum.

The destruction affected the entire city. “During the excavations and surveys, the presence of a fire between the two levels of occupation was attested, associated with the destruction of the town.

It was found that the white lime soils of the last phase were based on a stone fill that leveled the ground and that, in reality were the razed stones of the southern wall. It had been dismantled horizontally like a leveling that sealed the old occupation and a powerful level of coals and ashes, says Cerdeno.

Personal objects abandoned by the Celtiberians have also been reflected in the discovery of tableware, bowls of refined pasta, straight-walled jars with profuse decorations, goblet and crateriform cups addition, three fibulae, two of them found in a room on the acropolis and dated between 140-70 BC

After the destruction, life returned. But the new city would no longer be the same as the old one.

Experts have determined that it had, already with Roman rule, an “urban planning different from those known before, articulated by long longitudinal walls that delimited large spaces. All of this seems to define large rectangular or quadrangular blocks limited by streets ”.

Finally, this enclave was abandoned in the 1st century BC after the wars of Sertorio At that time, “the forced abandonment of the villages was a generalized fact throughout Celtiberia and surely caused some population dispersion although, in our case, the territories were not completely abandoned,” says Gamo.

Then, between the end of the 1st century BC. C. and late Roman times (III-V centuries AD), the population occupied the Roman town of La Vega , located next to the old oppidum , and remained there until Visigoth times (VI century). A necropolis of that time 200 meters from the ancient oppidum testifies to this.

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