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conditions of their accounts

Despite the fact that currently the banking client can find current and savings accounts without commissions , the large banks are committed to updating their collection policy for these services .
In recent weeks, the main banking groups have communicated to their clients the new collection policies for those who do not comply with the new conditions set. The pocket bite can be important if not all requirements are met.

Santander can charge 240 euros a year
The entity chaired by Ana Botín folds candles with her Account 1 2 3 , a product that had a notable success in Santander UK and that, at the time, broke the account market due to the high remuneration it offered.

Botín admitted on several occasions that the current interest rate policy made this situation unviable and has just launched Santander One, where the requirement for not paying commissions is to acquire a high relationship with the entity.

Thus, it establishes the requirements for not paying domiciliary payroll or pension commissions , plus domiciliary 3 receipts and having a financing product (loans, mortgage or renting), a savings product (investment fund, pension plan or savings insurance, with a minimum amount of 5,000 euros) or one for protection (home, auto, life, or accident insurance).

The maintenance commission if the conditions are not met is 20 euros per month, that is, 240 euros per year, and 10 euros per month if only the payroll is domiciled, but the rest is not met. Withdrawing money at the window is a charge of 3.5 euros.

BBVA gives three options
The entity will charge 8.3 euros of commission for maintaining the monthly account to those who do not meet a series of requirements. The BBVA entity offers three options to the client to avoid commissions.

On the one hand, domicile a payroll of at least 800 euros per month (or a pension or unemployment benefit of at least 300 euros) and meet one of these two requirements: domicile a minimum of five receipts (every four months ) or carry out seven or more operations with the entity’s credit card (every four months).

The second option would be to have an average monthly balance of 25,000 euros in investment funds, pension plans or savings insurance. Finally, there is a third option which consists of being the holder of at least 1,000 BBVA shares. Withdrawals of money at the window, of less than 2,000 euros, carries a charge of 2 euros.

Caixabank allows one year of grace
The Catalan entity allows new clients not to have to comply with the conditions to avoid commissions , but the offer is only available the first year.

Then you must choose between direct domicile regular income (a salary or professional income of at least 600 euros per month or a minimum pension of 300 euros or have a minimum balance of 20,000 euros in savings or investment products.

The second requirement is to choose between three or more receipts and make three or more credit card purchases. Promotion for new customers: for a year they will not have to meet the requirements for not paying commissions. Otherwise, you will charge 20 euros per month in commissions.

Bankia also offers several formulas
Multiple formulas offers the entity to raffle the commission. The first requirement is to choose between several options : be under 18 years old. Be between 18 and 25 years old and have an active Internet correspondence service.

The third possibility is to be the holder of at least 1,000 Bankia shares or to have a balance at the end of the month in resources of at least 75,000 euros (sight accounts, time, investment funds, individual pension plans, unit linked, income fixed or variable and savings insurance).

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